BUILD a BAND Birthday Party

Birthday Parties that Rock!

Here’s your chance to be a Rock Star!

Surrounded with lights, fog and a rockin’ sound system. you will feel like a real Rock Star singing and playing along with all your favourite songs.





 Karaoke Party (2 hours) – up to 12 children 


If you love to sing, then this party is for you. Practice singing to some of the latest pop music. Our party host will take requests from you and your friends, so that each of you who wishes to perform has a chance to stand on stage and sing your favorite songs in front of the crowd.


You will first get into character by going to our costume, wig and sunglasses area, and if you like, get your temporary tattoo so you’re ready to rock.


Our party host will then begin a group vocal warm-up to get your vocal chords ready, and the singing fun begins. Once the lights, fog machine, bubble machine, and lyric screen gets going, you’ll feel like you’re on a stage performing for thousands of adoring fans. 


You will then be arranged for a group photo shoot right before a 30 minute food break. After your food and cake, it’s more karaoke, games, and the big finale. This party will be the highlight of the year!


$245.00 (tax included)




 Rock Band Party (2.5 hours) – up to 8 children 


Here’s your chance to play drums, guitars, keyboards and sing in a band! Our Rock Star parties are perfect for the aspiring birthday musicians who want to rock out with their friends.


At this party we will rotate the group through the basics of guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals. You will form a band, choose a name and do a photo shoot.  After that you will learn a song to perform for your final performance on stage that is sure to have your fans screaming for more!


$295.00 (Tax Included)



All Parties Include:


▪ 2 Party Hosts To Get The Party Going And Keep It Rocking

▪ Dress up Costumes, wigs and sunglasses

▪ Temporary Rock Tattoos

▪ House Sound System With Special Effects

▪ Karaoke System With Flat Screen Monitor For Singers Lyrics

▪ Library Of Popular Songs For Kids, Teens And Adults

▪ 4 vocal microphones on stands

▪ Rock Show Lights, Lazers and Fog Machine

▪ Tables and chairs to accommodate your 30 minute food break

We’ll provide the facility, equipment, setup and all the entertainment for your party.

What you’ll need to provide:


▪   Invitations

▪   *Food, Drinks, Cake, Candles, Lighter

▪   Paper Plates, Cups, Serving Utensils

▪   Tablecloths, Napkins

▪   Decorations (balloons and streamers)


Other considerations for your party:


• If you would like the total NO STRESS Package, add $95.00 and well take care of everything above plus the dreaded clean up.

*2 medium pizza’s, fruit juice boxes or water bottles, medium size birthday cake.

• If you have specific songs you want please send us your requests at least a week in advance.


• Yes we do Adult parties too!