How It Works

So many people take lessons and don't know where to go next

This can lead to getting bored with and sometimes giving up their instrument

We wanted to give these students an opportunity to take what they love to do 

and share and develop it with like minded others.


Our program was created with these two main reasons in mind


1.  To create a safe and supportive place for students to learn to work together in a group,

and develop their skills.


2.  To teach them how to express themselves through music, via song writing and performance.



That's it, that's the formula. And it has been working like a charm for 15 years



Here's what you do when you come to BUILD a BAND


​Learn new guitar, bass, drum, keyboard and vocal skills

From beginner to advanced we'll take you where you want to go with your instrument or voice.

We'll also give you the opportunity to try other instruments that you may never have tried before.


You will form a band and play songs by your favourite artists

We'll place you into groups of students of similar age, skill and interest.

As a group, you will choose the songs that you want to learn, and we'll teach you how to play them.


Those that stay with the program, or more experienced players, will have the opportunity to learn how to write songs and record them on industry standard software.

Once comfortable in the group, you can begin experimenting with music ideas that you create with the group, or on your own. You never have to share ideas until you're ready.


Some participants prefer to focus more on the recording than the writing. It is always your choice what you contribute to the group.


You will learn how to record on Apple's Logic X recording software and design a CD cover using Adobe Photoshop

At the end of each 10 week session or week long camp, you will perform your songs live on stage for an audience of family and friends. The biggest complaint we ever hear from our performers is that it went by too fast. That's when you sign up to do it again.