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Thornbury / Clarksburg

Marsh Street Rocks!

Program Information 2020


Based upon the success of our ‘Marsh Street Rocks!’ after school and summer camps this past year, The Marsh Street Community Centre is pleased to continue this amazing musical education opportunity as an after school program.  Our good friend and founder of BUILD a BAND, Gary Gillespie, will run the program.


Gary has extensive experience managing this innovative music program and he brings decades of teaching experience and a passion for music that translates into a comfortable and fun experience for kids and teens


“BUILD a BAND was established because I believe that we all have a creative spirit that is waiting to be explored. I feel that discovering a rewarding creative outlet through music is something that everyone should have the opportunity to experience." Gary Gillespie.


The Marsh Street Centre (a non profit, charitable organization) is pleased to bring this program to the Thornbury / Clarksburg area as part of our mission to enrich the community’s cultural life by focusing on the support of local music and music education.